City Art Rotterdam

City Art Rotterdam operates from a facility in the centre of Rotterdam (Noord)

The building has 1500 of square metres to accommodate all sorts of Art disciplines.

We strife to have a fresh expo every 6 weeks. At every opening, and during the lenght of the expo, we treat the visitors to unique performances in music, dance, lectures, and/or other memorable moments.

expositie City Art Rotterdam

Inspired And Professional

All artists presenting their art at C.A.R. are inspired and professional.

For the time being, City Art Rotterdam runs unsubsidised and uses part of the revenues from sold works of art, and/or entrance fee, to realize the goal of presenting art.

City Art Rotterdam, a fresh stage for vision and sound!.

City Art offers a stage to artist from any discipline to present…ART!


City Art Rotterdam, the new platform for image and sound.

City Art offers artists from every discipline a stage to show their "arts".

Find out more, please get in touch with us!


St.City Art Corporation

Insulindestraat 248
3037 BL Rotterdam

Telephone: 010 465 8183

KvK: 24395147
Bank: NL18ABNA0603094244