City Art Rotterdam LAST SHOW


Maybe we can continu our activites in other spaces and times. But for now the City of Rotterdam, the owner of the building, is demanding the building back after 18 good years. Off course we will do everything to continu, we met during concerts, expositions, theatre, dance and more a lot of artists, all lovely persons with the urge to show what art is for, how it is made. I am very thankful for all the energy and beautifyul  work that is being performed in City Art Rotterdam. After the last three years with nearly on weekly basis events and performances, concerts from artists who came from all over the world . I am a blessed person to have witnessed it all. We had defenitly sensed the freedom that is so bound to the human state.

I want to thank all the artists for their presence on this world, for the beautiful music and other art, Of course I am grateful to the City of Rotterdam who gave me the oppertunity to use the building as a palace for producing Art for nearly 20 years.The City Art Rotterdam project is a living piece of art and I deeply hope that we can continu our work in other spaces. But thats not up to me. We have love, beauty,respect and a reason to be, but times are changing and money is  the missing link these days.

Luckely Herman Koekkoek filmed and recorded most of the events here, you can see it all on YOUTUBE  look for gladbody or city art rotterdam

So I hope you all will visit the exposition if you can, 21 artists show there work in the beautiful galery of City Art Rotterdam,we are most of the time in the building to show you around, so you can enjoy of the last free art space in Rotterdam City,        with respect and regards, Chris Ripken

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  1. Irene 22 januari 2017 at 16:09 - Reply

    Mooi geschreven Chris en een mooie afsluiting op deze locatie! Een hoogtepunt en in het harnas afscheid nemen van het warme kloppende Rotterdamse kunsthart. Er zullen andere deuren open gaan maar die zie je pas als deze gesloten is. Hou vertrouwen!

  2. berni bierens 23 januari 2017 at 09:45 - Reply

    Nobel en respectvol geschreven Chris. Ik ga er van uit dat er nieuwe mogelijkheden komen, die komen altijd weer op je pad. Ik geloof in een vervolg van jou ( jullie) werk omdat dit nooit verloren kan gaan. Je woorden zijn mooi verbeeld en ik mag dat laatste vingertje wel!

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