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CITY ART ROTTERDAM proudly present a special concert “POINTS OF LIGHT”at the exit of the photo exhibition of famous jazzmusicians portretted by famous photographers.                                                                                                                                                                                          

POINTS OF LIGHT is a project of mr Zane W. Massey, master saxophone player from NY USA, and mr ANDOR HORVATH, master double bassplayer, now working from the region of The Hague.

The music is hard to describe. The communication between the two musicians follows composed as totally free music. The saxophone fits in the bass like a wellmade handglove.  The bass is a solid base, well led and protecting the fragile to furies songs.

I had the pleasure to see Points of Light during their concert in City Art Rotterdam in the midst of the winter2018 . 18 july will be in the midst of the summer, I look forward and hope to welcome you.

The exposition of North Sea Jazz Archives Tour, curated and organised by mr. WIM VAN ZON was a great succes. The Tour provided the people not only with supreme jazzphoto’s, and information about jazz music, but they also could visit  16 hotspots in Rotterdam Noord. The upcoming culture area in Rotterdam.

CITY ART ROTTERDAM contents 1500 meter of art filled spaces, please be welcome. Appointments 0652229884 C.M.Ripken

Entrance € 10

Students € 5