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City Art Rotterdam is honoured to present MINUA, a trio from Iceland making unique and beautiful music, wich reminds me of endlessness and ongoing stories.

The entrance money is for the musicians, all events in City Art Rotterdam are made possible by sales of exposed art in the unique venue on City Art Rotterdam

Fabian Willmann (D), bass clarinet
Luca Aaron (D), guitar
Kristinn Smári Kristinsson (IS), guitar

“The instrumentation of Minua is unique and their sound evokes a mood that one can easily get lost in. Their use of balance, space, and almost constant melodic improvising is intriguing as well very beautiful. What I admire most about Minua is their patience to allow their songs and compositions to unfold in very flowing rubato feel but at the same time holding the listener captive with an almost imperceptible intensity.”
– Jim Black

Stream of our Debut-Album „In Passing“ (2015)
Live-Video: „Murmuration“ live in the Birds’Eye jazz club Basel
Video: „Ed Lik Mil“
Official homepage:

Kristinn Smári Kristinsson, guitar

Luca Aaron, guitar
Fabian Willmann, bass clarinet