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Lucio Tasca

City Art Rotterdam is since two years a venue for Art shows.  Expositions from painters and sculptors like Liesbeth van Ginneken, Bima Engels, Andre Korevaar, Herman Koekkoek, Goncales Almeida, Dik Box, Ton Hermans, Anuska Oosterhuis and Chris Ripken. Avant garde music from all over the world gave the most wonderful concerts in City Art Rotterdam. Modern Jazz, Impro, Classical music and even Rock music. Musicians who played  in the Bim Huis Amsterdam and Lantaren Venster Rotterdam and in venues alll over the world. Also students who did their exams in Codarts Rotterdam Royal conservatory The Haag and Groningen show here their passion, creativity intelligence and skills in music.

In the city of Rotterdam we have a got special place to explore art in all her forms.The building in wich we asthblished City Art Rotterdam was a building meant to be demolished. A lot of western leftovers were collected in the building. Goods like old furniture and old clothing collected by charity organisations filled the huge and beautiful spaces. Three years ago a big housing corporation Vestia,lost the redevelop money for this neighbourhood by bad trading. At that moment we started to work on the building, cleaning it, repairing it, rebuild it so the place is suitable for a venue for Art.

City Art Rotterdam cannot be compared with any other venue in Rotterdam .Artists who expose here, sound or/and vision, manage theit own promotion, the they build up of the set, choose a space wich fits with there show etc. New events are born by working with each other and learn from each other. City Art Rotterdam is a place where creativity meets intelligence and inspiration. This place is required to show all the efforts artists make for the sake of culture. You will find a list of some events in the last two years in City Art Rotterdam. All the documentaires are made by Herman Koekkoek, sound as well as vision. Please check you tube cityartrotterdam for more.

As you can see the quality of the offered showsis allways high. If you like to support City Art Rotterdam you are very welcome. There are lots of possebilities to join in.We tried to get some subsidy from the City of Rotterdam,(travelexpences for musicians and means to repair and heat some space in colder times) but in a pre advice we were turned down by the local “culture scout”, we still hope after 60 concerts she will come and watch a show and then consider our request.

City Art Rotterdam can offer only doormoney to the musicians and a good stage and stay here. But we like you to come and change the situation that great artists go back to Amsterdam, Berlin, Jerasalem, Portugal, Chigaco, The Hagueue etc with the experience that there no public for the offered fine art in Rotterdam and the doormoney even does not cover travel expence.By the sales of art we manage to organise events. With your help as a public, ans entrance payers and/or artbuyers we can change that situation.

In the end of August, we start with a new season full with new music and art. You can find all the upcoming concerts and expositions on our site City Art Rotterdam is the place to enjoy Art and the Artists in a heart to heart and soul to soul setting.

Falga at City Art Rotterdam

Twenty One 4tet at City Art Rotterdam

Mark Alban Lotz & Alan Purves at City Art Rotterdam

TETTERAPADEQU at City Art Rotterdam

Fish-Scale Sunrise at City Art Rotterdam

Ido Bukelman at City Art Rotterdam

Ab Baars & Ig Henneman at City Art Rotterdam

City Art Blue Lines at City Art Rotterdam

Jazzart at #City Art Rotterdam

EXPLOSITION FINISH at City Art Rotterdam

Matevž Kajdiž & Robert Manthey at City Art Rotterdam

Fast Bullet Tuesday at City Art Rotterdam

PARVE at City Art Rotterdam

Ernsting & Costa at #City Art Rotterdam

Tjong Pow at City Art Rotterdam

New Rumours (And Other Noises) at City Art Rotterdam


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